80 employees

20 high-performance machining centers

Machine fitter, regularly trained

10 000 sq m

30% automatized machine-tools pool

80 000 machining hours per year

10 travelling cranes (3 to 30 tons)


80 employees share today the adventure of Claude Lebrun, started 35 years ago. Machining was founded in 1984 and with new skills, we integrated assembly in 1994.

Thanks to a constantly improving production tool, the company has been able to adapt its production to a complex objective: to make taylor-made products in an industrial way.

5-axis machining center, robotic arms… all tools which, combined with the know-how of its teams, enable it to maintain its manufacturing quality and customer satisfaction in the face of countries where the cost of labour is very low.

To operate this equipment, we employ qualified personnel who, thanks to a low turnover, have a great deal of experience and an excellent knowledge of our machines and your issues.

Today, these 2 additional activities are coming in various fields :

  • Aeronautics,
  • Defense,
  • Space,
  • Food-processing industry,
  • Medical
  • Railway
  • Optical
  • Nuclear